Hi, I'm Nate Maggio.

I'm from SF. Now I live in NY.
I listed a few things about me for those interested.

The Occasional

Art Director for The Occasional & Funny Or Die.


Photos I take free from the tyranny of likes.

Dusty Speakers

Music blog. Get hella turnt up to these trax.

Little Skips

I wear a shirt in different places on Earth.


I curate my favorite things on the internet.


One line stories wrapped in hyperbole.

Sober February

Wise up and join the movement.

Haute Emoji

When fashion photography mixes with emoji.


I took 500+ photos of myself from 2011-2012.

1 Sec Everyday

My life from March 2013 to March 2014.

Beard GIF

I grew out my beard and then GIF'd it.

Flavored Booze

Design projects dressed up as science.


When you came over, you got a portrait on the wall.

Paella Day

On May 9th, eat paella!

Lines Of Color

A silly thing I did in 2009 with Burke.

Facts About Nate

  1. I try my best to live minimally.
  2. Improv is the most fun I can have.
  3. Proud leftie?
  4. I never graduated college.
  5. Possibilianism makes sense to me.
  6. I'm learning to sail.
  7. Space is my favorite thing.
  8. I, use, the, oxford, coma.

Quotes About Nate

“He has the ability to raise morale and organize groups through the uncanny use of rhythmic clapping.”

"I have never seen a man walk around a party full people he didn't know and slap them across the face."

"God Nate, learn how to belong."
A Girl on Facebook Once

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