Hi, I'm Nate Maggio.

But I go by Nathan now.
I'll update this sometime this year?
In the mean time:

What Real Humans Have Said About Me

He has the ability to raise morale and organize groups through the uncanny use of rhythmic clapping.

I have never seen a man walk around a party full of people he didn't know and slap them across the face.

God Nate, learn how to belong.
A Girl on Facebook Once

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Computer (not real human)

Dusty Speakers

My music blog: get hella #trill to these trax.

Little Nate Skipping

I wear a shirt in different places on Earth.


I curate my favorite things on the internet.

Haute Emoji

When fashion photography mixes with emoji.


I took 500+ photos of myself from 2011-2012.

1 Sec Everyday

My life from March 2013 to March 2014.

Beard GIF

I grew out my beard and then GIF'd it.

Paella Day

On May 9th, eat paella!