Hi, I'm Nate Maggio.

But I go by Nathan now.
I'll update this sometime this year?

Me, About Me

  1. I try my best to live minimally.
  2. Proud leftie?
  3. I'm from SF. Currently in BK.
  4. Space is my favorite thing.
  5. I, use, the, oxford, coma.
  6. I'm the Art Director at FunnyOrDie.
  7. I take a lot of photos.
  8. I'm super into gardening.

Others, About Me

He has the ability to raise morale and organize groups through the uncanny use of rhythmic clapping.

He has many great photos, one from a night I nearly died jumping roof to roof with him.
Dirty Darryl

God Nate, learn how to belong.
A Girl on Facebook Once


my iPhone photography

Dusty Speakers

my music blog

Little Nate Skipping

my travel blog


my favorite things on the internet


myself in 500+ photos from 2011-2012

1 Sec Everyday

my life from March 2013 to March 2014

Beard GIF

my beard in .jif form


my apt portraits

Paella Day

my invented holiday